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If you’re having trouble with your prostate, getting up at night to go to the bathroom, suffering from urgency or a weak stream, or your romantic life is in the Missing in Action file, then fixing those problems just got easier thanks to a very effective prostate supplement called ProstaGenix. I came across this prostate vitamin or prostate supplement as they are called after reading a Prostagenix review on the website www.prostatereport.com on the effectiveness of ProstaGenix.

ProstaGenix is an all-natural prostate supplement that is centered around the powerful plant sterol – Beta-sitosterol, which has been shown in numerous clinical studies from around the world to be the most effective natural compound for helping prostate issues.  Beta-sitosterol is a natural sterol that is found in all vegetables! So our parents were right when they told us to eat our vegetables!

Participants saw an 84% improvement in their prostate after 90 days of use. The longer it is taken the more support and good you do for your prostate.

I have tried a number of different prostate pills in the past and truth be told most of them weren’t worth a hill of beans, so I decided to look into Prostagenix in great detail and see why it was rated so highly and why all the excitement about this natural prostate supplement.

What’s in ProstaGenix?

ProstaGenix’s natural ingredients were hand selected by well-known natural health experts and researchers. Let’s go over the benefits of ProstaGenix’s key ingredients.


An all natural plant sterol that is used to reduce the size and swelling of the male prostate.  It is also used to combat heart disease and high cholesterol.  This ingredient is the centerpiece of the Prostagenix formula. In fact, the label boasts “over 1,000 mg’s of sterols” are in each serving.  The company uses an extremely high potency proprietary extract that no other company has. It’s called BetaRexin and it’s what enables them to have such a high level of pure Beta-sitosterol in each serving.

Great excitement surrounds the use of grape seed extract as a prostate supplement because of a high profile study that shows grape seed extract kills prostate cancer.  The study was done at the University of Maryland.


According to a study at the Mayo Clinic, this ingredient can slow the progression of prostate cancer! Currently, there are at least 12 other studies on pomegranate extract underway due to the promise it has shown in treating serious prostate problems in early studies.


This is a flavonoid found in many foods, especially in red grapes, apples, red wine, and onions. For well over a decade Quercetin has been recognized as a potent antioxidant that has great results for men with prostate issues.  When it is combined with green tea extract and pomegranate extract as it is in this formula it has a synergistic effect with the whole combination working better than individually. Another great ingredient.


The prostate gland contains the highest concentration of zinc in the body and clinical evidence indicates that cancerous prostate cells are low in zinc – so the theory is that low zinc levels lead to serious prostate problems.  Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and low levels of selenium also seem to be an indicator of cancer.  A famous study done in 1996 of 1,300 cancer patients who received either 200 mcg of selenium a day or a placebo saw the placebo patients, after four years, experience no benefits. But the men who got the selenium had 46% fewer lung cancers and 63% fewer prostate cancers and 50% fewer cancers in total compared to the placebo group.  This study is one of the reasons all top prostate supplements have selenium.

Does ProstaGenix Have Any Side Effects?


How Do You Use ProstaGenix?

The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules a day. The effectiveness of ProstaGenix is pretty straightforward.

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