ProstaGenix Customer Reviews
As the #1 Expert-Rated Prostate Pill on the market today, ProstaGenix is proving you don’t have to settle for "average" results. Many men want to know if it really works. We have seen legendary CNN star Larry King endorsing it, but let's find out what REAL customers are saying about ProstaGenix...
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Read ProstaGenix Customer Reviews to Find Out if Prostagenix Works

If you’re having trouble with your prostate, if you’re getting up at night to go to the bathroom, if you suffer from urgency or a weak stream, or if you romantic life is in the Missing in Action file, then fixing those problems just got easier thanks to a very effective prostate supplement called ProstaGenix. I came across this prostate vitamin or prostate supplement as they are called after reading a Prostagenix review on the website

ProstaGenix is an all-natural prostate supplement that is centered around the powerful plant sterol – Beta-sitosterol, which has been shown in numerous clinical studies from around the world to be the most effective natural compound for helping prostate issues.  Beta-sitosterol is a natural sterol that is found in all vegetables! So our parents were right when they told us to eat our vegetables!

Participants saw an 84% improvement in their prostate after 90 days of use. The longer it is taken the more support and good you do for your prostate.

I have tried a number of different prostate pills in the past and truth be told most of them weren’t worth a hill of beans, so I decided to look into Prostagenix in great detail and see why it was rated so highly and why all the excitement about this natural prostate supplement.

What’s in ProstaGenix?

ProstaGenix’s natural ingredients were hand selected by well-known natural health experts and researchers. Let’s go over the benefits of ProstaGenix’s key ingredients.


An all natural plant sterol that is used to reduce the size and swelling of the male prostate.  It is also used to combat heart disease and high cholesterol.  This ingredient is the centerpiece of the Prostagenix formula. In fact, the label boasts “over 1,000 mg’s of sterols” are in each serving.  The company uses an extremely high potency proprietary extract that no other company has. It’s called BetaRexin and it’s what enables them to have such a high level of pure Beta-sitosterol in each serving.

Great excitement surrounds the use of grape seed extract as a prostate supplement because of a high profile study that shows grape seed extract kills prostate cancer.  The study was done at the University of Maryland.


According to a study at the Mayo Clinic, this ingredient can slow the progression of prostate cancer! Currently, there are at least 12 other studies on pomegranate extract underway due to the promise it has shown in treating serious prostate problems in early studies.


This is a flavonoid found in many foods, especially in red grapes, apples, red wine, and onions. For well over a decade Quercetin has been recognized as a potent antioxidant that has great results for men with prostate issues.  When it is combined with green tea extract and pomegranate extract as it is in this formula it has a synergistic effect with the whole combination working better than individually. Another great ingredient.


The prostate gland contains the highest concentration of zinc in the body and clinical evidence indicates that cancerous prostate cells are low on zinc – so the theory is that low zinc levels lead to serious prostate problems.  Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and low levels of selenium also seems to be an indicator of cancer.  A famous study done in 1996 of 1,300 cancer patients who received either 200 mcg of selenium a day or a placebo saw the placebo patients, after four years, experience no benefits. But the men who got the selenium had 46% fewer lung cancers and 63% fewer prostate cancers and 50% fewer cancers in total compared to the placebo group.  This study is one of the reasons all top prostate supplements have selenium.

Does ProstaGenix Have Any Side Effects?


How Do You Use ProstaGenix?

ProstaGenix use is pretty straightforward. The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules a day.

Read Recent ProstaGenix Customer Reviews

The real proof that ProstaGenix is a sensational product can be seen in the phenomenal testimonials the company has on their website. We have reprinted them here. Most prostate supplements are only supported by a few bland testimonials from men who don’t identify their entire name. This is most likely because they are fake testimonials. But ProstaGenix is different. These are real men with real success. Some of these success stories contain bad grammar and misspelled words. That is because they are real. So read them and take a look at what real ProstaGenix customer have to say.

Hello Prostagenix,

I wanted to thank you so much for your excellent product. I have tried several other brands without much effect and soon after trying Prostagenix I noticed great improvement in flow and any lack of urgency to go to the bathroom, day or night. Prostagenix really does keep a healthy prostate in check.

A nice benefit for me also is the help in intimacy. A healthy prostate is magic for your sex life, and that is where Prostagenix shines for me!

When I’ve read the independent lab reports that Prostagenix is number 1 rated, I see why. That is why I tried it, and that why I agree with those findings. I recommend this product for any man over 50. Thanks Prostagenix and I’m a customer for life.

West Linn, Oregon

To Whom it may concern,

I have never written a testimonial for a product before, however, I have felt to do so now. I would like to say how much I like ProstaGenix. It has helped me sleep longer at night and reduced the urge and frequency during the day. I found the product to be as advertised and more. I chose ProstaGenix after doing an extensive internet search and found your product identified as the #1 product rated by consumers like me and now I know why…. it is # one!

I felt an immediate response to your product that very night. I chose the monthly delivery as I saw and feel the value of your product. I use it as directed and find it works best that way. If you ever need a spokes person for your product, I’m your guy.

Thanks again for making such a find product to help me and others needing prostate health like me.

A truly satisfied customer,

Rick Newton
Houston, Texas

Hi, just wanted to tell you how ProstaGenix has been a life saver for me!!!!!!! I’m 68 and have been having problems with my Prostate for 13 years. I have tried virtually every product out there with no success and finally had to go to a Urologist, who put me on (2) prescription meds. The meds worked but with side effects that were terrible!!!!! When I saw the Larry King video, I was very skeptical after trying everything out there over the years, but I thought what do have to loose! This product has turned my life around, and I’m so grateful!!!!!!! Thanks for a new lease on life!!!!!!

Creighton Belt
Las Vegas, Neveda

I have tried ProstaGenix for (30) days and have noticed an improved urinary flow with reduced urgency, at 65 I now have better sleep patterns. I like this product because it has a natural vitamin and mineral blend of ingredients.

Because of my experience with ProstGenix and the high number of excellent (5 star) customer reviews I have faith in this product above what I have used in the past so I’m reordering (3) bottles rather than (1).

Ron in Wisconsin

Hi, Bob Moody here, I have been using Prostagenix for 6 weeks now. When I started using the product I was having difficulty urinating, had some discomfort and was getting up 4 or more times every night. I saw my urologist to make sure there was nothing medically wrong with me. After different tests were performed the Doctor told me it was typical prostate activity for my age. I researched Prostagenix and liked what I read. I took it as directed. I noticed a difference after about 3 weeks. The discomfort decreased, my urine flow was increased and was getting up only 2 times per night. I am very satisfied with your product and would recommend it.

Thank you,

Robert Moody
Walton, New York

To whom it may concern,
I would like to say that ProstaGenix is a great product. Before taking this product I would need to use the restroom every hour. Also getting up at least a couple of times at night. After only using three thirds of a bottle I no longer have to go during the night. On a recent four hour road trip to Branson Missouri we didn’t have to stop for a restroom break. It is much more effective that the prescription my doctor had me taking for the same problem.

A very satisfied and pleasantly surprised customer,
Curt Brought
Platte City Mo.

I would like to let you know that have used Prostagenix in the past, and it works great. I ran out a few weeks ago and I can really tell the difference. Thanks so much for your product. I have a much better night sleep when I use it.

J. Dean
Las Vegas, Nevada

I watched a Testimonial by Larry King and decided to try ProstaGenix. I have been taking the product for over a month now and I feel an improvement. I am a type 2 diabetic so the night time bathroom visits are many but they have been reduced now. My doctor gave me THE prostate exam yesterday and said I am good. I believe my situation will improve with your product.
I am a very satisfied customer.

Best regards

Robert Gresko
Dorval, Canada

I have tried prescription medications such as Myrbetriq and others. Nothing worked…..
I found your product Prostagenix and within 10 days I began to see real results. To say that I am thrilled is a gross understatement. I have been telling everyone I know about the success of your product. My friends are all very happy for me. Your product is very effective and delivers what you claim it does. It is life CHANGING….

Thank You so much!

Bruce Kupper
Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Before I started using Prostagenix I had a very weak urine stream. I also found it extremely difficult to maintain or even obtain an erection.

After trying Prostagenix my urine stream went “almost” back to normal and getting or even maintaining an erection was no difficulty. The thing you should know is I’ve only almost finished my first bottle and I am very confident that when I complete my second bottle, or before I finish the second bottle, these symptoms will get even better. It’s funny, but I feel young again with both my symptoms now almost back to normal. Would I recommend this product to anyone having similar issues the answer is “YES”. No side effects and easy to swallow.
By the way I am 58 years young!!!

Glenn McNeilly
Calgary, Canada

Early last year I started having problems with urination. I was fairly sure it was due to my prostate because a few years ago I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and my urologist was checking it every six months. I informed him of my difficulty and he gave me medication to relax my lower bladder valve. This had a side effect I was not happy with so I discontinued it and informed my doctor. He didn’t seem to have another option. I then heard of saw palmetto and gave it a try. After two months with no relief I stopped using it. I went to the internet and found Larry King’s video on Prostagenix and thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. I bought a bottle of Prostagenix to try it myself for a month. In a couple of weeks I noticed that the urgent need to urinate frequently had improved.

In the third week I noticed that the difficulty of urination had eased. Everything was not perfect, but much improved. Because of the reduced need to urinate frequently and the less “back pressure” on my system I have now purchased a five month supply of Prostagenix and am confident that I have made the right choice. I fully expect that continued use will improve my problems and has already eased my mental stress of always looking for a bathroom.

Thanks Prostagenix,

Gregg Mustered
Fairbanks, Alaska

Please extend my extreme satisfaction to your team. I have tried many products for my aging prostate and this is the first one that has worked! Spent close to $1000 on other products with no results. Taking just 2 Prostagenix/day my symptoms have resolved 90%! Was waking up 2x/night prior to Prostagenix. I can honestly say not once at night after 1 week of taking 2 pills/day. Frequent voiding during the day has stopped. Voiding urgency has stopped. It’s truly amazing!

Thank you very much!
Anyone that wants a personal conversation is more than welcome to call or write.
Robert O.
508 414-7620

This is what ProstaGenix has done for me. Everything has changed in my life since I started taking this wonderful product my strength has come back I sleep good every night now. I wake up feeling ready for the world all I’m saying is try it for yourself it will change your life men. I am serious.

Michael Brandon
Big Spring, Texas

I started taking Prostagenix about three weeks ago and noticed immediate improvement. I only got up twice that first night and the few nights after that. Since then I’m pretty much down to once a night and some nights not at all. I bought a years’ supply; in case I’m not totally fixed before that.

William Falberg
Delta, Colorado

My name is Kim Cordahl, I am a 61 year old male in great shape except for my prostate. I have tried other well know supplements and gave up due to the limited results. I have been using ProstaGenix for 4 months now and the relief is very real and sustained. The reduced urgency and increased flow has made such a difference in my day to day living. Thank You to all the people at ProstaGenix!

Kim Cordahl
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

I’ve been taking ProstaGenix for two weeks and have already noticed a huge difference. I know you recommend three pills a day, however I take only one pill 45-minutes before bedtime and it has helped me tremendously. My bathroom visits at night has diminished. I also tried numerous supplements before taking ProstaGenix that did not work. Praise God for the inventors of ProstaGenix. This pill really works and I recommend anyone with prostate problems to try it. It’s most definitely a life changer!

Donald Kelly
San Francisco

ProstaGenix really works. It has reduced my urge to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. I have also noticed improvement as far as urinary flow goes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an answer to cut down on nightly unwanted trips to the bathroom!!

David Irion
Addison, Illinois

I want to take this opportunity to comment on my experience with ProstaGenix. I was taking a different product using saw palmetto as it’s active ingredient and desperate for a product that actually worked. That’s when I saw Larry King on tv promoting ProstaGenix with Beta Sitosterol as its primary active ingredient. It has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found ProstaGenix. I recommend ProstaGenix to anyone with the prostate woes as it has worked as advertised for me, take the plunge and try it out.

Albert G Goree
St. Petersburg, Florida

I have been taking ProstaGenix for over 2 months now. I noticed after three weeks I was making fewer bathroom trips. Was going 2 times per night, now it is only once and sometimes no trips at all. I also sleep longer and deeper. I highly recommend this product.

David Y.
Greenville, South Carolina

I am grateful to have found a product that delivers what it claims. I have tried several products over the years including premium saw palmetto products and teas and on and on. I would often combine different products to get results. This proved very frustrating and more expensive. I’ve done a lot of research on line and I’m grateful to have found ProstaGenix, one stop shopping complete. The lab report from Verified Nutrition said it all. This product is potent. I’ve been taking this product for over a month and I see a positive difference. I am telling friends about ProstaGenix. I have ordered several more bottles.

Bruce Pederson
Toms River, New Jersey

I’ve have been using ProstaGenix prostate support compound since August of 2017.

Since using the product, I only get up in the middle of the night to urinate only once. Whereas before using another products such as Super Beta Prostate, I would get up a least 3 times per night.

The product’s main ingredient, beta sterols, which has a higher concentration then other products is why I feel that I getting good results. Also, I like the fact that the product comes in capsules that are easier to digest and absorb in the body. I take one capsule in the morning and 2 at night…that works for me! I would recommend this product to all men that are having problems with their prostate.

Robert Hueso
San Pedro, California

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I am 88 years old and was getting up so many times during the night to use the bathroom. I have used other products but I can truly say nothing else has worked so well for me. I am sleeping better because I no longer have to get up numerous times throughout the night to use the bathroom. I am a very happy customer and will be referring ProstaGenix to my sons, friends and family.

Oscar Meacham
St. Albans, New York

Very good product keeps me from going to bathroom as often especially at night, sleep so much better already. Started to work in less than three days. I can’t believe this product is not in stores. I also see my energy has increased. Daylight hours are so much more relaxing don’t have to keep looking for a restroom. I would recommend this product ProstaGenix to men with frequent urination. My name is David Coleman I have taken many other products for this problem never worked.

David Coleman
Preston, Mississippi

I have been on ProstaGenix now for about 3 months and have seen significant improvement in urination flow and comfort. I was on 0.8 mg of (intentionally blank), but have been able to reduce to 0.4 mg, and have improved overall comfort, and elimination of urgent need to go, than when I was on 0.8 mg. It took only a week to see improvement, and about a month or so to see full effects. I sleep through the night now without having to get up, whereas when even on 0.8 mg (intentionally blank) I was getting up 1 or 2 times per night. This stuff is great!

Steven Jantsch
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Hi my name is Rodney Chester I’ve been taking my prostate products my doctor recommended for me and it was not working at all. I learned about ProstaGenix on television, and purchase one bottle of ProstaGenix. I have to tell you the bottle ProstaGenix really works! I am very, very pleased with ProstaGenix. I have ordered another bottle, of ProstaGenix and continue to order and want to let other people know that this product ProstaGenix works. Thank you.

Rodney Chester
Van Nuys, California

ProstaGenix is the only product that help my prostate. I have tried several others but none of them really work. ProstaGenix reduces my number of trips at night to the bathroom. it also reduces sudden urges and maybe actually be reducing the size of the prostate. Since taking the product my PSA numbers have stayed in the normal range. I think that Larry King was correct when he said this is the number one prostate product.

Russell Lockwood
Bradenton, Florida

I read about your product through Larry King’s show. I must say that this product has totally transformed my life. It indeed does all that has been advertised. No wonder I have recommended it to my friends who also have similar prostate problems.

My only problem is that I am in Ghana, West Africa, and the product is not available to us unless you buy through a relation or friend in the US. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Alfred Chinbuah
Ghana, West Africa

I’ve been taking 3 capsules of ProstaGenix daily since October 27, 2017. I had ordered it after watching a commercial with Larry King. I decided to try it because throughout the past year or so I had begun urinating frequently. Around every 20 minutes and I’d need to get up at least 3 times while sleeping.

I began to notice a difference about 6 weeks after I began taking ProstaGenix. Now I can go a couple of hours between urinating and the flow is generally better. I only get up once per night now instead of 3 times.

I will continue to take ProstaGenix and report again in a couple of months.

Joe Romanelli
Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I have been taken it for a month And found I don’t get up on the middle of the night to use the bathroom as much maybe once a week. I am glad My wife found it for me.

Steve Dlugolonski
Boise, Idaho

Hey I have ordered a ton more product it works great! My mom actually saw how I loved it and sent me 10+ bottles ?lol Xmas gift! I have been sharing.

So I hit the bathroom next to never and the flow is back now. I sleep all night and always in the mood, if you know what I mean?. Just know for what it is worth my PSA went down. And it means the world to be able to pee without pain or stoppage! Thanks man! I am 55 soon!

Mark Sherwood
Draper, Utah

I am taking ProstaGenix to improve my urinary flow (very slow), reduce urgency to urinate often, and improve my sleep pattern. since using ProstaGenix my urinary flow has increased, I have cut back on trips to the restroom, and I am sleeping longer and better. It took a while to find something that really helps and I am sticking with ProstaGenix.

Cornelius Gonzaga
Savannah, Gerogia

I have been a long time prostate supplement user. More than ten years. I have tried many supplements over that time. Each was supposed to be better than the other. Most would recommend a 3 month supply; to allow the formula to take effect. In the end, after trying dozens, some worked a little; most did nothing. Lately, my symptoms were getting worse than ever. I couldn’t see a urologist for 60 days! I had to try something new. After viewing the Larry King video, ProstaGenix got my attention. I placed an order for one bottle. After only 3 days the improvement was so great; I had to reorder. THIS STUFF WORKS! All my symptoms continue to improve. What a relief!

Robert Halstead
Las Vegas, Nevada

This product is a miracle product. Since I have been on this product I don’t have to be as well I don’t have to go to the bathroom as often. Also, my sex life has gotten much better through the roof. Quality of life is much better your quality of life will get much better everyone should try this product. Other things I have taken have upset my stomach this doesn’t and it works.

Anthony Tonani
Staten Island, New York

I am age 75, was going to bathroom 3-4 times a night & getting very little sleep. I tried various prostate support products but none seemed to help. After taking ProstaGenix for 3 weeks I am down to 1 bathroom trip per night & sleep has greatly improved.

Thank You ProstaGenix.

John Eddie Mitchell
Lexington, Tennessee

I am a new user of your product for the past two days and I am blown away by the immediate results I have experienced. I gambled on your product based on the interview with Larry King and I have been taking it for only two days and my extreme satisfaction is simply amazing. I’m 76 years old and I’ve been taking a prostate supplement for about 30 years. I thought that a reduction of night time visits to the bathroom from four times to one or two was a great improvement but after only two nights of taking your product I have not gotten up during the night even once and my daily trips to the bathroom on the third day have been reduced to only once in the afternoon after having been up since 9:30 this morning. I am ecstatic with these immediate results and I am hopeful that, as stated in the Larry King interview, the longer I take it the better the results. If that is in fact the case, would it seem possible that after taking my years supply that I might not need a supplement ever again?

Thank you for ProstaGenix and feel free to reprint this if you wish!

Barry Walker
San Marcos, Texas

Up to six months ago i was waking up every hour on the hour to relieve myself of the small bit of water that was in my system. I guess you know how it feels if you have that problem. I them started to take the multiphase prostate compound. Within a few weeks it kicked in and since then i sleep many hours undistubed. I was very satisfied with the results that I gave a full bottle to my friend who had the same results as me. He also sleeps many hours without being disturbed.

Arthur Fleischmann
Deerfield Beach, FL

I have suffered from enlarged prostate symptoms since I was in my twenties. Over the years I have tried a variety of supplements with only limited success. I can say that after only five weeks of using Prostagenix I am seeing significant improvements in my urinary issues. This stuff really works.

B. Borten
Bethesda MD

Dear Prostagenix:

I am very happy to report (I am an 88-year-old man with an extreme case of skepticism) that after trying a number of other products including saw palmetto with disappointing results, after my 2nd bottle of this product I have experienced an almost unbelievable change to a comfortable steady urine flow. I highly recommend ProstaGenix as it is the only product that has been and continues to be successful for me. A truly WONDERFUL PRODUCT.

George Moore
Jackson, Michigan

I’m a 71 years “young” happily married man, who has been experiencing prostate issues for over 10 years. My urologist confirmed that I have an enlarged prostate and prescribed medication for me that DIDN’T seem to work much. I tried a couple of “Online” products and saw no improvement. Then I saw your add for ProstaGenix and decided to order it. In less that a month I started feeling and seeing AMAZING results. I followed the recommended dosage and now I seldom get up at night to urinate and when I get up in the morning I p**s like a racehorse and have no problem, like I had before, emptying my bladder. And, OH BY THE WAY, for some blessed reason, my sex life has gone through the roof to the delight of my beautiful, sexy wife. When you feel better, everything else seems better. I can say enough good things about ProtaGenix and I did go ahead and set up a recurring monthly order. ProstaGenix is the the REAL DEAL. Thank you Larry for backing a product that REALLY works!!

Skip from North Carolina

Thank you very much for your miracle product! After taking Prostagenix for 2 weeks, I have noticed significant improvements in my urinary flow and frequency. You have done a great service to men with prostate problems.

With much gratitude,
David H.
Point Roberts, Washington

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing relief my husband has received from using ProstaGenix. He is 87 years old. For the last several years he has experienced increased discomfort and loss of sleep due to what I believed was due to a “prostate problem”. I am a retired registered nurse and several years younger than my husband so I am the caregiver. Neither my husband nor I believe in using prescription medication. He had reached the point where he was up at least 5 or 6 times a night with urgency and frequency and little results. He would not leave the house to visit family because he was too uncomfortable. Just after this last Christmas he reached a breaking point where he HAD to get some relief. We found ProstaGenix online and were impressed with the amount of information given about this product and decided to give it a try. After only two days of taking ProstaGenix he was sleeping much better and had far less problems with urgency and frequency and discomfort. Now after taking just 3 capsules of ProstaGenix a day for 51 days he sleeps through the night and also sleeps longer. He feels so much better. His appetite has improved. His blood pressure (which was too low) has improved. There is a smile on his face and he is enjoying life again and I can’t thank you enough for this miracle.

Robert and Hazel Mulheron
Gordonsville, Virginia

Larry! Thank you for standing behind a product that works! I love the product, works amazing. I threw away the superbeta crap I bought from Walmart! I sleep soundly now, and in the morning upon rising a steady but thorough stream of liquid is expelled. Happy Holidays Larry!

Bruce Berends
Farmington, Arkansas

The ProstaGenix product-is-very-good. I recommend everybody with prostate problems to try it. I can not tell you how much it has helped me. Literally incredible.

Richard Pena
San Antonio, Texas

I had been using a prostate health formula with saw palmetto for several years with discouraging results. Then I was listening to a radio discussion concerning a website where a number of prostate formulae were being evaluated for performance. Prostagenix was rated highest among the products tested. The test results were shown in great detail. I have been using Prostagenix now for three months, the effect was almost immediate. Not only has this product proven effective for me in its intended use, but the vitamin and mineral support included in the formula has given me a sense of renewed energy and stamina.

Michael F. in Round Rock, Texas

Dear Fred,

Thank you for the information you sent on the uselessness of the PSA test. If I had received it two weeks earlier, I would have saved myself the fifty Dollars that I spent on the test in St. Paul Minnesota. Can I protest and ask for a refund on the strength of your letter? their luck.

I have almost finished my first bottle of ProstaGenix and I must say that I am beginning to notice some improvement in my BPH symptoms.

Frequency of urination has reduced and urinary flow is still weak but I look forward to its improving also. Of course when I am intemperate climates with cold, the urgency is much worse. In my last visit to the USA the urgency and frequency was exacerbated by two other symptoms that I found both annoying and inconvenient. My urination was accompanied every time by loud farts with foul odor and sometimes a burning sensation in my urethra. I am glad that both these symptoms have reduced. I hope that as I continue to the second and third month of ProstaGenix, they will be eliminated altogether. My sleep pattern is also improving as I now have to go to the toilet at most twice from the time I go to bed around midnight and 06:30 when I wake up. I hope this continues as I see my productivity improving with a better sleep and rest cycle. I celebrate my 66th in January.

Atsen J. Ahua.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Customer Service:

This is a testimonial to how well ProstaGenix is working for me. I was first introduced to your product by the Larry King infomercial. I’m 76 years old and for a decade or more I have been wakening up at a minimum of 4 or 5 times a night to relieve myself. Last spring with the advice of my primary doctor, I had a procedure called Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE). The procedure was ineffective. I’m in my 5th week of taking ProstraGenix and I have experienced substantial improvement. My visits to the rest room at night have been reduced to 3 times and my streams are stronger. Given a few more weeks and I could be down to 1 or 2 interruptions.

Thanks so much for helping me sleep and feel better.

John D.
Wethersfield, Connecticut

I was just on the phone with one of your representatives, and she encouraged me to write a brief testimonial regarding ProstaGenix. Well, I am happy to write a recommendation. Here it is:

Dealing with urgent, panicked rushes to the restroom during the day, and getting up multiple times during the night, was getting very old. I knew I had prostate problems, so I began to research products that might help. I settled on ProstaGenix because of the abundance of sterols, which everyone seemed to agree was a key ingredient in helping with the issue. I admit to being a bit skeptical at first, but almost immediately I noticed a difference! Now, a few months down the road I am in awe at the difference it has made in my life! No more panicked rushes to the restroom, and fewer bedtime trips as well. I’m convinced. It works! Thank you, ProstaGenix! (David from Washington)

David B.
Tacoma, Washington

My name is Dan McGrath I’m 53. I had an enlarged prostate that was causing a lot of problems in my life. I went to the urologist to get some answers I was having mild burning upon urination. He gave me a cystoscopy and told me I had a big prostate for my age. He said he could help and gave me (XXXXX – not allowed to mention the name of the pill). I’ve never taken any man made medicine in my life I’ve always opted for natural remedies. To make a long story short I got sick from the med’s I was tired had fatigue and felt ill. I started to ween myself off and began taking ProstaGenixs, just as he said on the Larry King commercial with in a week or two I was back on track.

Another important point the (XXXXX – not allowed to mention the name of the pill) had a strange effect on my sex life it relaxed the muscles near my prostate and sex did not feel normal. ProstaGenixs has improved my Prostate and sex life. I knew this guy was for real when I saw the commercial and I was right, he’s legitimate.

Thank you I was very worried and stressed out that’s an understatement. Great Product. Game changer. My urine stream is like a teenager again.

Dan McGrath
Buffalo, New York


Olezia Comsulea’ is your customer. I ordered ProstaGenix for him. He is my father-in-law. After 3 weeks he says he don’t have to go anymore during the night to the bathroom. I’m very very happy with your product. He talks about it all the time what a miracle it is for him. He say I changed his life because I saw the Larry King TV show and got him this great product you make. Now he is getting his friends to buy from your company too. So nice to see him happy so much.

Thank you,
Dorel Comsulea Cluj Napoca Romania

First, I must state upfront that I typically do not ever endorse products because I rarely experience the positive results as advertised. After reading all the information regarding Prostagenix, I decided it was worth a try but only ordered one bottle in case it didn’t work. By the second week, I was able to sleep all night without getting up to urinate. I am now able to sleep the entire night without the urge that I have to relieve myself, I have not been able to do that for about ten years.

Additionally, I have noticed that I also have a stronger flow that I had before and that I now completely empty my bladder when urinating. I can tell you with absolute certainty this product DOES work as advertised. If you experience any of the problems that I have mentioned, 1) having to get up at night to urinate, 2) noticed a weakened flow, 3) noticed unable to completely empty your bladder, you owe it to yourself to do exactly what I did, give it a try. I wish you success.

David in Longwood, Florida

I would like to say thank you for making a Superior product. I have only taken three products within a year and I would like to say that the third product Prostagenix is a charm. With me, my sense of urgency has diminished a great deal. And with that alone that’s a win-win situation in my book. So if you ever decide to sell this in the brick and mortar stores please let me know. It’s still a good price when you order 3 bottles.

Also thanks for the information about the Chinese diet versus the American diet. Say no to meat and eat more vegetables, we will always taught eat all your vegetables.

Merle B.
Newark, Delaware

I am a 70 year old male and have had serious prostate issues for about seven years…But I am EXCITED to report that PROSTAGENIX has helped me tremendously and I highly RECOMMEND IT to anyone with prostate problems…Now I can sleep much better and even during the day not have to constantly worry about finding a restroom as I did before I discovered Prostagenix. I have tried dozens of other products but NONE SOLVED THE PROBLEM like Prostagenix! If you are about to give up please try this product… Give it a try! It will change your life as it did mine.

Donald K.,
Arnold, Missouri

My name is Alain Busek, I ordered Prostagenix a little over a month ago after watching Larry King’s video on it, and I am very satisfied with this prostate formula I must say. I have over the last several years tried other prostate products, a few seem to make a little change in reducing the number of times I had to get up at night to go to the bathroom, but most did not.. With Prostagenix, I started to notice a change for the better after over a week cutting down my nightly trips to the bathroom from 4 to 3 and now after four weeks or so, they are down to about 2, (as long as I don’t absorb too much liquid two to three hours prior to going to bed). I turned 70 y.o. earlier this month and I am happy to have found your superior product and to feel more rested in the morning. Thank You! :)

Alain Busek
(91601 Zip Code)

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Have been taking Prostagenix (3 a day) for almost 2 months and noticed the effects within 10 days. Was getting up 4-5 times a night for bathroom use and my romance life was no good. Now 1 maybe 2 times for bathroom use in a night and my romance life has improved greatly. Wife of 55 yrs is happy again. Went to my urologist 4 weeks after I started taking Prostagenix and my numbers greatly improved. He said to keep doing whatever I am going. SOO. It works. Thank you for giving my life back.

Robert Smith

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